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About Me

Hey There!  YOU’RE HERE!


         Thank you so much for looking me up. And now the awkward tell me about yourself” section. Here goes!

            If you don't know anything about me yet, well, everybody call me SNOW. Yes Snow and I’m a  photographer living in Edison, NJ. I take photos of everything and anything at anytime. 


            As a dedicated and passionate photographer, I’m constantly looking for new moments to capture on camera. Since beginning my professional journey, I’ve worked on many different types of projects that have expanded my experience and added to my portfolio. Take a moment to explore my work, and contact me with any questions. 

Things I WILL NOT do at a photo session:

  • Ask your kids to smile.

  • Expect them to cooperate or be on their best behavior.

  • Think your apartment is messy, cluttered, or too small.

  • Expect you to do anything but put some clothes on and show up.


Things I WILL do:

  • Get your kids to smile.

  • Run around like a crazy person, dance with abandon, make faces & moo like a cow.

  • Go nuts over your newborn.

  • Encourage lots of play, even a little naughtiness.

  • Embrace messy hair, fingers in noses and mismatched shoes.


            Maybe you’re here because you’re looking for a “lifestyle” photographer or a photographer with a “documentary” approach.  Maybe you just want to look at photos that make you happy. That’s what I’m after. That’s what I try to shoot. 


Speaking of the shoot, session lengths are about an hour (two-three for newborns) and can take place at your home, at an outdoor location, or both. Sometimes things go wrong. There are meltdowns, sicknesses and weather shenanigans. We'll work around these and reschedule if it makes sense. No stress. 

Contact Me

Tel: 732-470-3745

1901 N Olden Ave, Ste 46, Ewing NJ 08619

Thanks for submitting!

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